Ibero-American Cooperation/

Ibero-American Cooperation is characterised by seeking specific results with a direct impact on the strengthening of national sectoral public policies.  These results are achieved through an inter-governmental political dialogue based on technical cooperation (exchanging of good practices, networking, participating in political dialogue with decision-makers, training) and financial cooperation (e.g. competitive funds) in order to provide a better response to the needs of Ibero-American citizens.

The Ibero-American General Secretariat acts as a support platform for Ibero-American Cooperation for all the system actors: revitalising Ibero-American spaces; coordinating and generating synergies; monitoring and evaluating Programs, Initiatives and Affiliated Projects (PIPA); and sharing its results through a four-year Ibero-American Cooperation Action Plan (PACCI). This Action Plan is renewable every four years and includes as its main lines of action the strengthening of Ibero-American cooperation; social inclusion and the improvement of governance; knowledge, higher education, science and technology; gender equality; promoting culture for sustainable development; the environmental dimension of sustainable development; and innovation, entrepreneurship and digital transformation.

The main instruments of Ibero-American Cooperation include Programs, Initiatives and Affiliated Projects, primarily focused on three core areas: knowledge, culture and social cohesion.  In addition, other instruments show a more cross-sectoral focus, addressing issues such as south-south cooperation, road safety, governance o urban development, among others.

Ibero-American Cooperation Programs, Initiatives and Affiliated Projects/

Programs and Initiatives are governmental proposals presented at Summits. Their objective is to join forces towards achieving a regional goal aimed at strengthening sectoral public policies.  They involve a minimum participation of 7 and 3 countries, respectively.

Affiliated Projects are actions in a relevant sector following the priorities of Ibero-American Cooperation, which are undertaken by municipalities, regional organizations, Ibero-American networks, NGOs, companies, universities, social organisations, trade unions or foundations. Their purpose is to acknowledge the joint actions undertaken by the Ibero-American civil society and the economic, cultural and political spheres, so that they can be supported by the Ibero-American Summit.