Skills in Ibero-America: Insights from PISA 2015

The report “Skills in Ibero-America: Insights from PISA 2015” was developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in collaboration with Fundación Santillana.

This report uses the most recent OECD data, primarily from the PISA 2015 and PIAAC 2012 and 2015 cycles, and seeks to evaluate the Ibero-American experience of education in a bid to extend support to the policy makers of the region. This edition focuses on the progress made in the field of education and skill development as well as the large improvements needed for more inclusive and sustainable growth in the region. It provides in-depth analysis of the performance of Ibero-America’s youth in education outcomes as measured by PISA 2015, emphasises the role of well-being of all involved especially the students and finally discusses the policy implications of what the data do and do not show. It complements this micro-level analysis of student performance indicators with a country-level macroeconomic analysis, highlighting the institutional barriers different countries in the region face and how they could learn from their more developed counterparts outside the region.


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